Day late, dollar short

Has Versace ever looked so pathetic?

Behold, all that remains of the super hyped (over hyped?) Versace for H&M collection at the store on 86th St. and Lexington in Manhattan. One single lonely rack and a whole bunch of shoes.

Mind you, I knew things would be pretty picked over when I stopped by the store on my way home tonight. The collection, which launched in the U.S. yesterday, has been on EVERYONE’s radar and even if you aren’t a huge fan of Donatella, chances are you were still pretty darn excited for a chance to snatch up designer duds at H&M’s outrageously low prices.

Personally, I wasn’t exactly feeling the purple cut-out eyelet dresses that were left or the one remaining black floral bustier, though I did find myself picking up a green and blue heart-print dress that, while covered in rather gratuitous fringe, caught my eye. Doesn’t exactly blend in with the rest of my wardrobe, but as I looked at it I thought, “I could be that girl who wears neon tassels.”

The $199 price tag knocked some sense back in me. If I’m going to dish out that much money,  it’s not going to be on something I scooped up at H&M.

Sorry Donatella.



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