Don’t touch me. I’m shopping.

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I was in Chicago earlier this week hitting the after Christmas sales with le sisters when, inevitably, we found ourselves being lured into the cheap fashion mecca that is H&M. So did about 8 billion other people, it seems. We stayed for maybe 20 seconds—just long enough to marvel at the fact that there were still remnants left over from November’s Versace collab—before getting the heck out of there. Huge mobs of people are never chic.

And as it turns out, that’s a scientific fact. In a not-so-surprising study conducted by Queensland University of Technology, serious researchers found that shoppers who get jostled while hitting the racks, especially by slightly attractive people, spend less time in a store and report overall lower opinions of their shopping experience.

Seriously. Still a significant selection of Versace for H&M to be found at the store on Michigan Avenue across from Water Tower Place. Good to know for when the Marni collab launches, no?

For the study, marketing professor Brett Martin instructed “relatively attractive people in their 30s” to brush up against shoppers standing close to them, The Cut reports. He then polled customers as they exited the store about their shopping times and their overall impression of the brand. He found that people are more likely to shop longer when there are fewer crowds.

Duh, I guess, but that doesn’t exactly explain the frenzied mobs of people who swarm shopping malls to get their hands on items like throw-back Nike Air Jordans.

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