Cathy Horyn looks back at 2011

Cathy Horyn

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It’s December 31st, which of course means it’s time to look back at the best fashion moments of 2011. Except no matter what I say Cathy Horyn has already said a million times better with much more caustic wit and wisdom. Better leave the heavy lifting to the expert, no?

Behold, “The Year in Fashion: Cathy Horyn’s Top 10 Style Moments of 2011.” Some of her choices are obvious. Alexander McQueen rightfully tops her list, most likely because the Savage Beauty exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum was amazing and life changing and reduced 661,509 people to tears by way of total artistic genius. It naturally follows that Sarah Burton gets a nod for keeping Kate Middleton’s wedding dress the best kept secret of all time, and you can’t have a top 10 moments list without including some sort of scandal which, in this case, is obviously John Galliano’s anti-semitic fall from Dior grace. Oh, and also Missoni for Target, which wasn’t a controversy so much as it was a disaster (although in the spirit of holiday miracles, there’s hope you might receive that cancelled order yet).

In her infinite Cathy Horyn wisdom, she also acknowledged the burgeoning success of Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, calling the label the “next big brand” for us to watch out for, and laughed scathingly at all those Roaring 20s-inspired fringe looks that overwhelmed the spring runways.

But pop phones? Really? And I’m not convinced those pasties Giovanna Battaglia slapped on to walk the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival constituted a “fashion moment.” Because if that were true couldn’t we also include the time Lady Gaga wrapped herself in latex and hatched out of an egg at the Grammy’s in February?

Of course we couldn’t. Cathy Horyn doesn’t really like Lady Gaga, labeling her Barney’s invasion one of the year’s more egregious fashion missteps. Kim Kardashian also didn’t score any points, nor did Miu Miu’s glitter Mary-Jane pumps, sports mesh, or that whole red sole debacle between Christian Louboutin and Yves St. Laurent.

Other “moments” that didn’t make the cut but maybe should have?

1. Andrej Pejic, who deliciously managed to transcend gender and give a whole new meaning to “menswear.”

2. Amy Winehouse, whose rich sound and beehive style will always be remembered, replicated and revered.

3. Kanye West, whose star-studded runway debut was still a complete disaster. But as Kanye told the haters: “This is my first collection. Please be easy. Please give me a chance to grow.” This too: “This is not some celebrity shit. I don’t f— with celebrities.”

4. Versace for H&M. Only because we already mentioned Missoni.

And the most epic fashion moment maybe ever:

Getty Images via CBS

Anna Wintour allowing herself to be photographed sans glasses with Nicki Minaj during Carolina Herrera’s RTW show at NYFW.

But what do I know. Check out all of Cathy Horyn’s picks here.

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