Trip to the freak show

Courtesy and copyright of Reed + Rader via Trouvaillesdujour

There’s fashion, there’s art, and then there’s this. Which I actually sort of love. Not in an “Ahh where can I find a fuchsia fur jumpsuit by Louise Gray for myself?!?” kind of way, but it’s unexpected and peculiar and not pretty…and I find that refreshing. Also, I got a fuchsia wool skirt for Christmas and at first I was like, “whaaa?” and now I’m itching to wear it out. With purple tights. Which I also own.

The point I’m trying to make is that this Freak Show editorial shot by Reed + Rader is wonderful and whimsical and if you have 5 minutes you HAVE to check it out over at Trouvaillesdujour. And if you have ANOTHER 5 minutes take a gander at the duo’s website, which mixes creepiness with fashion and stop-motion animation.

And THEN when you’re done with all of that we can talk about how circus freaks are popping up everywhere. Sort of. It’s like the wagon train has pulled into town and the ring master is calling all ladies and gents, young and old, to step on up, shed their boring black clothing and behold how fashion can be bold and young and slightly nostalgic but more importantly a raucous good time.

Need further proof that outlandish clown couture can be a good thing?

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