Country bumpkins (sort of)

I’ve been back home in Indiana now for two weeks, enjoying things like Taco Bell and cows and other stuff you can’t find in Manhattan. But then I wanted to wear a fur (faux!) vest to Target and my 17-year-old sister Jennifer was mortified. Because while it might be perfectly acceptable to shoot animals in Hoosier land, it’s not ok to wear them in public (faux!!!).

As it turns out, there are a lot of rules when it comes to channeling Indiana glam. Not everyone waltzes around in Uggs and North Face fleeces, you know, but then again you also don’t see that many girls wearing thigh-high boots and shoulder pads–if you can call that “fashion.” Jennifer, being the budding fashionista that she is, explained that the trick is to stand out without looking like you’re trying hard. Designers hold little clout. You want to play it safe, but in a way that’s unexpected. It means wearing simple pieces in interesting ways.

The point is, being trendy in the midwest is much different than being trendy in the city, and on an otherwise uneventful January day, that can only mean one thing: style challenge. The premise was simple. Choose one piece that you’re currently obsessing over and wear it in a way that is IN style (a pun on state abbreviations, get it?!) and then remix it into a slightly more glamorous look. Oh, and no crazy labels. Just something you can pick up at your neighborhood strip mall.

Here’s what:

I bought this sweater from Top Shop last weekend in attempt to curb my appetite for clothing with cute animals. For a normal day out I paired it with jeans, boots and some old jewelry I have lying around. But then I found this amazing faux fur jacket in my mom’s closet and then I died and then I came back to life and took this picture. My tights are purple but you can’t tell and anyway that part doesn’t really matter.

Sweater: Top Shop, Jeans: Target, Boots: Shoe Carnival, Pearls: Vintage
Sweater: Top Shop, Coat: Vintage, Skirt: BCBG (thrifted), Tights: H&M, Shoes: Famous Footwear

Earrings: Top Shop

My youngest sister Jennifer is tall and gorgeous and can wear anything. As such, she chose this black blazer from Target to play around with. Styled with pearls and a button-up, it’s something she can wear to school. Styled with swirly tights and a quirky necklace, it’s something she can wear when she wants to blow everyone away with her tallness and gorgeousness.

Blazer: Target, Button-up: Kohl’s, Jeans: Target, Shoes: Payless, Pearls: Vintage
Blazer: Target, Dress: Forever 21, Tights: Forever 21, Shoes: Payless, Pearls: Vintage, Mirror necklace: Forever 21 

Ring: Charlotte Russe

Sister number two, Samantha, hails from Chicago, and thus naturally chose to gussy up her down feather parka. A red hat adds a pop of color. A blue dress and over-the-knee boots gives it a classy feel, no?

Coat: Eddie Bauer, Sweater: H&M, Jeans: Target, Boots: Kohl’s, Hat: WuMei (China)
Coat: Eddie Bauer, Dress: Francesca’s Boutique (Chicago), Tights: Kohl’s, Boots: Kohl’s, Earrings: Gifted 

OH! Also, taking pictures of yourself is weird and sort of embarrassing and I have a brand new appreciation for all those beautiful style bloggers who do it on a daily basis. Next time I’ll aim for better lighting.

Now read here about the Jason Wu collaboration with Target because it’s a mere 33 days away and I’m SO EXCITED.

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