Happy birthday Kate Middleton!

Sometimes celebrities turn 30 and no one cares (ahem, Kim Kardashian). Sometimes newly minted members of British royalty turn 30 and you make special princess-inspired cakes to celebrate the occasion.

Kate Middleton steps out in the rain during the London premier of "War Horse" and her hair doesn't get frizzy. And she wears Temperly. (Getty via Mirror)

We’re talking, of course, about Kate Middleton. It’s been a huge year for the Duchess of Cambridge, what with marrying a prince and all, and I’ve never had so much appreciation for Zara, potato chip fascinators or pantyhose as I do now. Basically what I’m saying is everyone loves her and so do I and here’s to hoping she has a happy 3-0 indeed, partying with Pippa and Harry and Wills and the like.

I wasn’t kidding about the princess-inspired cake. It took me like 2 hours to make.

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