Franca Sozzani rants on her blog again

Franca Sozzani

Image by kekkoz via Flickr

If you don’t read Franca Sozzani’s blog regularly, you should. Usually the Vogue Italia editor has happy things to say like “kids should be able to follow their dreams!” or she goes on about the history of Doc Martens or something. But then sometimes, Franca has a bone to pick. Today, it’s the red carpet.

Or should we say green carpet? Sozzani has set some new standards for the celebrity runway this award season–mainly that all red carpet looks be sustainable, eco-friendly, and adhere to Fair Trade standards. To help her champion the cause, Livia Firth (Colin Firth’s super gorg Italian wife) has enlisted the help of several A-listers to don “green” high-fashion at the upcoming Golden Globes, and a slew of heavyweight designers–Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Frida Giannini for Gucci Giorgio Armani and Valentino, to name a few–are all on board.

It’s a triumph, Sozzani says, that will surely inspire the rest of us to give more thought about what we’re putting on our bodies:

“When actresses and actors nominated for the most-coveted awards in Hollywood, and not only, will walk on runways donning clothes designed following such criteria, we will be able to speak of the start of a new era. Nothing will change from an aesthetic point of view, yet the different approach used will be definitely radical.”

And for all the haters who think this is just another scheme to make fashion seem important:

“It’s not fashion, it’s the people, the stars, who are about to change their attitude towards the Red Carpet…Good causes may not create a huge following right from the start, but they definitely will, with time. That’s what we believe in.”

So in conclusion, jump on the eco-friendly couture bandwagon because Franca Sozzani wants you to.

What do you think? Will having a “green carpet” make any difference?

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