No one watches the People’s Choice Awards because everyone wears boring clothes

Let’s be serious. Does anyone really watch the People’s Choice Awards these days? I mean I guess it’s neat that average human beings get to cast their votes on stuff they like but a.) no one really does this and b.) the people who do are kind of idiots (Katy Perry wins best TV guest star??).

At the end of the day, it’s really just an excuse for faux-lebrities to dress up in fancy clothes and pose for a picture here and there on a red carpet no one cares about. And even then the best/worst dressed lists are always kind of boring. All the pretty starlets seem to blend together in their red bubble skirt dresses (I’m looking at you Kaley Cuoco and Kristen Bell) and yeah, ok, Chloe Moretz looked cute in Proenza Schouler, but why aren’t more of these ladies taking bigger risks? It’s the one awards show of the year nobody is watching! Have some fun!

Enter Emma Stone.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images via Fashionista

Actually this tuxedo look by Gucci is sort of strange. But it’s GREEN. It POPS. And she somehow manages to show off her legs by covering them up with–wha?–PANTS. Pretty swanky, eh?

Now everyone else please follow her lead.

So, um, did any of you watch the People’s Choice Awards? If so, WHY, and who did you think had the best look?

See what everyone else was wearing here.

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One Response to No one watches the People’s Choice Awards because everyone wears boring clothes

  1. Of course I didn’t watch it, I agree with everything you just said. I have been seeing lots of posts on Emma at awards in amazing clothes, she’s got this stuff down!



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