Put a bird on it and other instances of fowl play

In Portland, you can put a bird on anything and call it art.

I don’t actually know if that’s true. But it’s about 15 degrees outside in Manhattan and since that’s far too cold to go outside and do anything, I’ve cozied up with my faux fur vest and space heater to watch the entire first season of “Portlandia,” and what I’ve learned so far is that way out yonder bird-inspired stuff is way chick chic.

I’ll wait a moment for all of you to catch up.

Not one to wile away the afternoon in front of my television, I decided to test out this hypothesis myself.

It turns out, lots of designers like to put birds on things and call them clothes. The folks over at ASOS have pretty much made a career out of this, evident here, here and here and also pretty much everywhere. And never one to miss out on a hipsteriffic trend, Urban Outfitters also took a ride on the bandwagon with this gem.

But at the end of the day, not all bird appliques are created equally. Take a beak peek at these fly pieces that are way ahead of the flock:


Miu Miu

Marc by Marc Jacobs



Markus Lupfer

Free People

Uncommon Goods

So, in conclusion, birds of a sweater feather stick together, etc., etc.

Any winged finds out there you’d like to share?

P.S. No more bird puns ever.

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Journalist, velvet enthusiast.
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