And the Golden Globe winner is….Naeem Khan.

I could go on and on about who was the best dressed on the red carpet last night at the Golden Globes, but a.) that’s Rooney Mara in Nina Ricci, and b.) everyone already knows that.

Example A (image via Fashionista)

Instead, I want to ask the more fun question: If you had every single designer in the whole world peddling sequins and chiffon at your feet, who would YOU choose to wear to the Golden Globes?

I couldn’t actually watch the big show last night because my man friend decided it was man night and therefore we did manly things like watch football for hours and hours (though to be fair, he did spend two hours with me ogling at historic couture at the FIT museum before coughing up $34 to go see Beauty and the Beast in 3D).

Anyway, what I’m saying is I had lots of time to mull over just who exactly I would wear to collect my many awards for being outstanding in general, and the Golden Globe goes to….

Naeem Kahn Naeem Kahn Naeem Kahn!

(Leslie Knope Amy Poehler and I are on the same page with this one and therefore obviously must be spirit animals).

But enough about Amy Poehler. Check out some of these gorgeous looks from Naeem Kahn’s spring 2012 RTW collection that didn’t make the red carpet but should have.

Glitzy and delicate, sort of like couture icicles. I love the metallic cracked ice detailing he incorporates into almost each of his looks, and how they contrast with billowing satin skirts and feather plumes. You’re not just some celebrity winning some award for some movie people sort of liked. You’re a princess from a magical land where elegance speaks louder than fashion.

Except for that pink number. That’s pretty loud.

[images via]


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5 Responses to And the Golden Globe winner is….Naeem Khan.

  1. Great question! I’d get Fortuny on the horn! Or perhaps, perhaps, Madame Grés. Love the drapes. Or Poiret. (I agree with you! Naeem Kahn is fabulous.

  2. Katie says:

    I would have to go with Giambattista Valli- this one specifically:
    Think of all the shoe opportunities!

  3. kadry says:

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