Capsule “Donut Shop” tradeshow is hipsteriffic

Sometimes magazine editors and buyers and other important fashiony people go to things called tradeshows to get a sense of what to expect from certain designers and trendsetters. At the (capsule) tradeshow going on today and tomorrow, it seems those designers and trendsetters are in-over-their-heads hipsters.

More of a pop-up shop than an actual tradeshow, (capsule) decided to usher the public (read: real human beings) into its “Donut Shop” fashion and lifestyle event, hitting them over the head with an overwhelmingly nostalgic aesthetic that is part woodsy cabin, part high school pomp and circumstance.

Nearly 200 designers ranging from high-end names like Edun to more obscure indie labels and lifestyle brands packed the Meatpacking District warehouse with everything from streetwear to shoe brushes to vintage Playboy magazines.

Most of the clothing on display was aimed at dapper gentlemen with plastic Ray Bans and a penchant for leather elbow patches, but there were a few racks of vintage-inspired grandpa cardigans, tees and jumpers that would definitely appeal to the Etsy-minded woman.

Above: Pieces from Heller’s Cafe Inc., a Seattle-based clothing company

Below: Izola features flasks, soaps and shoe brushes from its catalogue

My favorite items were old, kitschy vintage pieces that are maybe junk but maybe something more. Old nails, coins, broken watches and safety pins were completely reimagined into jewelry and furniture by vendors like Tart and Kings County Salvage.

Above: Vintage patches from Orange Crush Exports

Below: Teas from the Brooklyn-based Bellocq

The advisory board that hosts the entire shebang (hello, pretty much every magazine editor, stylist and important person in New York City) call the (capsule) show “the perfect dose of progressive style” that  “borrows inspiration from today’s mash-up culture.” I’m not sure I’d go that far, but it’s definitely a visual feast full of curious little knick knacks that leaves you feeling strangely like you’ve been there before.

The public show ends TOMORROW, which means if you have nothing else to do on a Tuesday, you should probably check it out. Most of the stuff is for display only, but a few vendors like Tart had tables full of ready-to-buy jewelry for under $20. Be sure to bring cash. Doors open from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. at 550 Washington Street.

[images my own]

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