Rachel Roy and I have the same problems

English: American fashion designer Rachel Roy.

Smile Rachel Roy. You're the coolest.

Don’t you love it when designers pretend like they’re real people?

Today Rachel Roy decided to blog about taking risks, which she’s still sort of afraid to do but she does it anyway because she wants to set a good example for her two darling children and after all, failing is kind of like winning because when you fail you learn something (her words, not mine).

Anyway, she came up with this nifty little formula to help you see her point:

New Year + More Risks = NEW YOU

You’re probably thinking “Rachel Roy you’re perfect and you design dresses for Michelle Obama and everyone loves you! What do YOU know about human feelings like anxiety and fear of rejection?!”

Quite a bit, it seems. Turns out the only thing more difficult than starting your own clothing line is coming up with a name for it.

“I wanted the brand to stand for strong, feminine, smart, confident women. I resisted naming the collection Rachel Roy. I knew the collection would be 100% my vision but to put my name on it in such a public way was terrifying. Thoughts of possible failure and rejection filled my head.”

She even went so far as to come up with alternative labels with different names on them to avoid calling the collection Rachel Roy. And then? AND THEN?

She named it Rachel Roy anyway.

The moral of this story? Go out and do things you absolutely don’t want to do. And if you need an extra shove, Rachel came up with this handy risk checklist to help you along your way.

Hey, thanks!

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