Thank you for flying with Air Chanel

This really happened.

The invite via Fashionista

Everyone knew the Chanel couture runway show today would be amazing. Few people knew it would take place in a jumbo jet built in the middle of the freaking Grand Palais.

Getty via Fashionista

Fashionista offered a sneak peek into Karl’s enormous airplane, complete with stewardesses dressed in (what else?) Chanel and a push cart full of complimentary glasses of champagne.

It looks like someone is a fan of PanAm.

Pictures of the actual clothes to come (are you dying?!).

What do you think? Did the designer outdo himself with Air Chanel? Or are you still getting over that incredible underwater show from September?

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3 Responses to Thank you for flying with Air Chanel

  1. JP says:

    It was definitely original to say the least! I suppose thats why they couldn’t have that many attendees this year?

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