My Karl kollar tried to kill me

Obviously I'm in tremendous pain and discomfort.

Everybody knows the number one rule to pulling off a trend you aren’t sure about is to pretend like you don’t care what other people think. That, and to nonchalantly just stand there being effortlessly cool. Unfortunately, both of these things are IMPOSSIBLE to do when you’re wrestling with an enormous detachable fake leather collar that’s trying to strangle you.

Like, it really hurt you guys.

I’m writing this because I care about all of you and I don’t want anyone to suffocate. Because while this Karl collar (which I snagged yesterday thanks to Net-A-Porter) might seem like a good idea, it will most likely try to kill you.

I woke up this morning determined to wear my new accessory, but also completely puzzled as to how. Should I take the easy route and wear it under a crew neck sweater? Or should I be super in your face about it and wear it as a statement necklace with some snazzy strapless top?

Ultimately, I chose to style it a la Saskia De Brauw with a jacket, because people wear collars with jackets all the time, albeit ones attached to shirts.

I wasn’t prepared for what came next.

First, it was a little itchy. Then it was a lot itchy. Then I reminded myself that sometimes fashion hurts and then I said “I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE GET THIS THING OFF OF ME” and went running down the street screaming like a crazy lady.

Well no, I didn’t. But it was uncomfortable, and I did have to take it off for a little bit. But then I got a grip on my life and put it back on for coffee with friends like NBD even though it sort of was a BD. Moral of this story? Detachable collars are fun to wear but not fun to wear. Let this be a lesson.

I'm smiling but really I'm dying.

ALSO I’m super excited to try it again with a different outfit. What can I say? I’m a trooper.

Why are girls so weird like that?

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3 Responses to My Karl kollar tried to kill me

  1. desert heels says:

    LOL. I tried to buy that collar yesterday but it was sold out. You must’ve snagged the last one:)
    You’re still cute though!

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  3. Pingback: Are YOU the style blogger of the year? | Kathryn à la mode

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