Week links: Kate Middleton has the best hats, Elle Fanning has the weirdest clothes

Getty via Fashionista

SURI WHO? There’s a new baby fashionista in town and her name is (obviously) Harper Seven Beckham. Now she has a style blog just like the rest of us. We knew this day was coming. [HarperBeckhamFashion]

HATS OFF. First of all, there’s a such thing as The Headwear Association. Second of all, it’s named Kate Middleton 2011’s Hat Person of the Year. Looks like potato chip fascinators are here to stay. [The Cut]

TIM GUNN DOESN’T NEED TO GET LAID. The guy revealed he hasn’t had sex in 29 years, and he’s perfectly ok with that. “Do I feel like less of a person for it? No. Not even remotely.” [NYDN]

DESIGNER TWEETS. It’s been a busy week for Karl Lagerfeld. First he showed his Chanel couture collection on an airplane. Then he launched a diffusion line on Net-A-Porter that sold out in hours. Then he got a Twitter account and instantly accumulated 5,200 followers. Admit it. You’re curious. [Twitter

FANNING SISTERS FIGHT OVER CLOTHES. Elle steals Dakota’s stuff but Dakota doesn’t steal Elle’s stuff because her clothes are “a bit too weird.” Oh, sibling rivalry. Can only imagine what it’s like being an Olsen. [HuffPo]

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