Excuse me sir, you have a penguin on your head.

I’m not actually sure you’re ready for what I’m about to show you.

Still on the search for that perfect winter topper that will both ignite smiles and melt hearts? Ever wonder what it feels like to have a penguin resting on your head? Fancy a trip to the Antarctic but don’t want to brave below-freezing temperatures?

You’re in luck. For just one low payment of $24.99, this little beaut can be yours:


World, meet Penguin Hats!

Let’s face it. Those adorable animal hats you saw all over the city last winter are so 2011. This zany alternative keeps your head warm and spirits high. And would you believe it? It also doubles as an antidepressant and soul barometer! Says the hat’s maker:

“Penguin Hats are fantastic soul barometers.  People who see you wearing one and do not smile or laugh do not have souls.”

What else can Penguin Hats do, you ask?

“Penguin Hats are also very warm and comfortable and are guaranteed to inspire a feeling of coziness wherever they are worn. If you live in an Antarctic climate or other area where penguins may be present then you may attract hundreds if not thousands of penguins.”

So hop on the ol’ bandwagon, pull out your credit card and head on over to penguinhats.com to take a piece of the tux lux home with you TODAY.

Manufacturer’s warning: Not safe to wear around sea lions and other predators.

One size fits all.

No seriously. This is real.

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Journalist, velvet enthusiast.
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