High heels are the worst (The New York Times says so)

Your worst suspicions have been confirmed: Wearing super high heels for a super long time MESSES YOU UP.

See those vintage velvet Yves St. Laurents (which I bought for $40 WHA?!!!) sitting casually on my dresser? Not only are they my greatest pride and joy (and thrifting success story), they’re also the bane of my existence. Here’s why:

In a New York Times article that takes “A Scientific Look at the Dangers of High Heels,” researchers report that all those ladies teetering in their stilettos are putting themselves at an extra high (get it?) risk for muscle strain that could lead to serious injuries down the road. Shoe lovers, they claim, tend to have shorter tendons and calf muscles and have to exert more energy to walk the same distances as their flat-loving counterparts–with or without their Louboutins. Researchers also found that women who regularly wear heels 40 hours a week have perpetually flexed and pointed toes, even while relaxing barefoot.

Perhaps most worrisome is that while everyone knows wearing heels for years and years and years can certainly cause damage, the women in the study were all around 25 years old, meaning it doesn’t take a whole lotta time for those feet of yours to morph into unidentifiable tallons.

I’m fairly sure some variation of this study has been out since pretty much the dawn of footwear, but when The New York Times tells you something is bad for you, maybe it’s bad for you. Or maybe it’s just another scare tactic to boost sales at like, L.L. Bean.

Anyway, who really cares? High heels are perfect and pretty and wonderful and lend beauty to that area below your ankles that’s otherwise kinda strange looking.

Seriously, $40!

As always, would love to hear your thoughts. How often do you wear heels? Would you ever trade them in for flats just because some silly newspaper told you to?

Read the whole study in The Journal of Applied Physiology.

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7 Responses to High heels are the worst (The New York Times says so)

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  3. It’s so hard to put down the heels when they really make any outfit so much more interesting! Flats are fun for picnics at the park and walks along the boardwalk, but who can give up the heels for good?! Not this lady.

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  5. While in New York City this weekend, I found the shoe of my dreams. Suede wedgies with laces! They weren’t completely flat. After years of running, I need a bit of support. Here’s the scoop: After scoring the pair on Saturday, I’ve been wearing the beauties for three days, running about the city nonstop. They were created by Zara. And on sale! Cost? $29. And the blister-less experience? Enough said! Perhaps the laces help?! Cheers!~Theadora (For the love of being obsessive, I’m now trying to score a second pair. If I had only known.)

    • kkattalia says:

      Ah, yes. Zara. It can be a magical place for finding incredible footwear. Here’s hoping you come across a second pair! And do enjoy your stay in my favorite city! Looking forward to reading all about it 🙂

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