Sneak peek: Marni for H&M hits Vogue Russia

I know that with the Jason Wu for Target collection a mere 7 days away (Feb. 5!), there’s little room left in your minds to think about other upcoming collaborations like, say, Marni for H&M, but alas pictures have hit the Internet and it’s time for you to squeal with glee.

Apparently Vogue Russia was so excited about the new collab that they decided to dedicate an entire editorial to it, shot by photographer Robert Wyatt. Kimi O’Neil stars, polka-dots abound, and chunky cuffs get even chunkier.

The collection hits stores March 8, and while I’m excited to see the clothes in real life, I’m always sort of wary about purchasing them. Because yes, they’re pretty and everyone knows Marni’s designer Consuelo Castiglioni is a genius (wahhh pre-fall!), but at the end of the day you’re still shelling out a whole lotta money for….H&M. It feels weird.

And then it feels kind of pathetic. I happened to pop into the H&M on 86th Street and Lex yesterday and saw this sad little rack of Versace for H&M leftovers…basically the clothes people returned after they realized neon green fringe is impossible to pull off. And I remember when that heart print dress and palm tree trousers seemed like SUCH a good idea…

In the event that you think they’re STILL a good idea and happen to also be a size 2 (the only size left), then you’re in luck! But don’t expect any price cuts. That brazen dress will still put you back $99.

Somewhere, Donatella is weeping.

So. Who will be shopping Marni hmm?

[Vogue images via Robert Wyatt]

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