Rachel Zoe is hustlin’, and so is everyone else.

Today, dearies, I direct you to a different corner of the Internet^^. You all know who Rachel Zoe is, and therefore you know how incredibly stressed out she always gets styling famous people (I mean, she complains about it all the time on Bravo). But what about all those stylists who aren’t famous or have a Rodger to bitch to? With awards season upon us, Amy Odell (editor of The Cut and, incidentally, a fellow WordPress blogger) gives an amazing inside peak at the usually non-glam life of non-famous stylists and their struggles both on and off the red carpet. Do enjoy!

Amy Odell

A tiny snippet of this story, which I completed several months ago, appears in this week’s issue of New York, about the economy of celebrity. Here is the full thing, which you can’t read anywhere else.
In December of 2009 the London Times declared that styling was the dream career of the Noughties for young women. Part of the dream surely has something to do with the riches a successful stylist can accrue. Who knew that telling a major celebrity “these shoes with this bag” and “this dress with that hair” could be worth $10,000 per day for however many days it takes to make the decisions? And it’s never just one day.

What used to be a behind the scenes job, red carpet styling has become a highly visible one, producing celebrities in its own right, thanks to shows like E!’s Fashion Police, which critiques red…

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One Response to Rachel Zoe is hustlin’, and so is everyone else.

  1. The press love to show how the streets are paved for certain stylists, the downside to this is now you can’t sling a vintage brown satchel over your shoulder without knocking over a gazillion ‘stylists’,,,

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