Not all days are gems but at least we have pearls

Sometimes, you have days where all you do is eat cupcakes and giggle and prance around in the sunshine.

Sometimes, you have days where you find yourself limping home in 6 inch heels after needlessly walking 8 billion blocks because you lost your metro card and then to top everything off you spill what promised to be a relaxing glass of red wine all over your white blazer. Sometimes, you have those days.

But while moping around may sound super fun right now, it’s important to remember that things could always be worse. I could have to untangle that impossible looking mound of twisted up costume pearls.

I don’t exactly know where this photo came from, but I’m pretty sure I remember reading somewhere that she’s an employee at Macy’s and that the snapshot appeared in LIFE magazine sometime in the 40s. So if you have any clue as to where this picture originated or if that’s your grandma or something, let me know! Because I would love to meet that woman and ask her how the heck she managed to keep her composure when faced with such a seemingly insurmountable task.

But that’s sort of life, I suppose. You think you have a big ol’ mess on your hands but when you sit down and spend some quality time straightening out all the different strands you have going on, you’re left with like, three hundred really pretty pearl necklaces…or something.

Aww, metaphors!

Anyway, I wasn’t moving very fast as I painfully dragged my feet up Madison Avenue after I realized my MTA card was NOWHERE to be found, but it ended up being ok because I got to take in some fabulous window displays on my way home. I suddenly felt like I was in some sort of moving museum where I could look at whatever I wanted to so long as I didn’t touch anything. You have the permanent collections, the legacy pieces and the abstract. You have wealthy old biddies with their little orange Hermes bags and you have touristy teenagers with their faces pressed against the glass window panes as they oggle at Coach, and they’re all sort of existing in this constantly in-flux space that’s been there forever, and it’s all rather wonderful to watch even when you’re seriously thinking about tearing off your shoes and walking the remaining 30 blocks barefoot.

Can’t say I wasn’t warned.

So yes. This day maybe wasn’t the best. But it’s only Tuesday, and at any rate, it looks like Kristen Stewart is having a worse time of it than I am. Like, is she flipping off Karl Lagerfeld??

Without getting too dear diary, what do you guys do when you’re feeling less than stellar?

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4 Responses to Not all days are gems but at least we have pearls

  1. gracefully50 says:

    A glass of wine and to bed…

  2. So funny that you put this up today. I have had the most off day myself! I can’t wait to go to bed and start a new and hopefully much more enjoyable day tomorrow. On bad days I eat chocolate ice cream. Lots of it. Yes, I had some today. Then I get in bed and watch old black and white movies when romance was still classy and men who could dance who were still considered masculine. Then, I imagine myself as one of those overly dramatic leading ladies who are covered head to toe in diamonds and pearls. Sweat dreams 🙂

  3. Tanya says:

    Ahhh you seem to say the right things all the time. I use the power of rock music to cheer me up. Sometimes, I rely on retail therapy. The latter solutions works best. 🙂


  4. Kathryn says:

    You ladies are wise. Oh so wise. Ice cream. Diamonds. Wine. Retail therapy. It almost makes you wish you had bad days all the time, just so you can cheer yourself back up!

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