How to wear Prabal Gurung just like Candice Swanepoel

I know. Ever since September when Prabal Gurung showed his show-stopping spring RTW collection you’ve been racking your brain wondering how, just HOW, are you going to make those lacquered, latex dresses with all their sexy cutouts and leather harnesses look chic and effortless? I mean, there’s showing a little leg, and then there’s showing pretty much your whole body. And those sunglasses? What to do with those sunglasses??! Yeah. It’s been on my mind, too.

Luckily, supermodel Candice Swanepoel is here to show us just how to do it right.

She looks like a discarded rag doll in the label’s recently released spring campaign, which isn’t exactly the look I would have guessed Gurung was after when he took that huge leap away from the full skirts and debutante glam he’s sort of known for to produce this much more abstract, edgier collection. But then again, I guess it sort of fits in with the whole fetish theme that’s going on here, right? Something about broken innocence, maybe, or breaking away from what’s expected of you. I don’t know. It’s over my head.

But omygod it’s gorgeous. Anytime someone more famous than me trades in blonde hair for brown, I’m immediately interested (Justin Bieber being the exception). And it’s already impossible to keep your eyes off Swanepoel, who absolutely sizzles in front of the camera, photoshop or not. Shot by Daniel Jackson, I’m hesitantly going to put it out there that this is one of my favorite campaigns to pop up yet. Can’t wait to see it all glossified in a magazine.

So to recap, change your hair color, position your limbs into impossible angles and you too can rock Prabal Gurung better than Michelle Obama ever did. And if you don’t have varying shades of lavender in your closet already, go get some. Spring is a’comin, and it’s going to be hue-ge (see what I did there?!).

[images via FashionGoneRogue]

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