Week links: Elizabeth Olsen has really gross feet, Mayor Bloomberg watches ‘Gossip Girl’

English: Elizabeth Olsen at the Toronto Intern...

ELIZABETH OLSEN HATES HIGH HEELS. And with alarmingly good reason. The littlest Olsen (is she the littlest?) tells Asos magazine, “I’ve had a couple of times now where I feel like, by the end of the night, when I’m wearing heels at events, my feet feel like they’re sitting in pools of blood. And it’s really awful.” So that’s gross. [The Cut]

RACHEL ROY LOVES HIGH HEELS. So much so that she’s launching her first luxury shoe line. Expect 30 styles ranging from $195 for flats to $600 for boots, due out next fall. Didn’t she learn everything she knows from Manolo Blahnik? Doesn’t this only make sense? [FashionEtc]

PUPPY LOVE. Omygawd Kate Middleton bought Prince William a puppy for Christmas and it’s SO CUTE. It’s a black little cocker spaniel and no one knows what its name is yet because the Palace wants to protect its privacy (seriously?) but eeee puppies! [The Telegraph]

STYLE ROOKIE SEES DEAD PEOPLE. Well no, but she sings about them. Tavi Gevinson once again proves she’s cooler than all of us by covering Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” in a trailer for “Cadaver,” a 7-minute animated film about a guy who dies and comes back to life. WATCH IT. [HuffPo]

GOSSIP GIRL DAY IS A REAL THING. Everyone, mark your calendars. In honor of the show’s 100th episode, Mayor Bloomberg has announced that from here on out, Jan. 26th will officially be known as Gossip Girl Day. As if you needed another excuse to drink celebrate. [THR]

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