The Shiny Squirrel pop-up shop goes nuts for Valentine’s Day

Pretty much say the words “pop-up shop” and I’m there. Add in super cute jewelry, a house of cards and heart-shaped cookies filled with nutella? Aww. It must be Valentine’s Day.

Because nothing says “I love you” quite like monocles, kitschy bird houses and faux antique bed linens, The Shiny Squirrel has set up temporary residence in SoHo just in time for America’s favorite Hallmark holiday. And while it’s hard to top a well-thought box of chocolates, this pop-up shop is brimming with so many quirky accessories that you’re sure to find something just as sweet.

Open now through Feb. 22, The Shiny Squirrel features indie labels like Elizabeth Knight and Species by the Thousands that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Utilitarian jewelry certainly has its place here–think monocles you can wear around your neck and tiny pocket knives dangling off of chains–but each piece is just so charming and unique you can’t help but gush over how quaint it all looks displayed on playing cards scattered over heart-shaped tables.

While you could pay an arm and leg for some of the stuff up for grabs, many of the jewelry items will only put you back about $40 or so. Clothing is a bit more expensive–although there are racks upon racks of pieces by Erica Tanov that are 40% off. And if you’re in the mood for an alarmingly orange Fair Isle sweater made from 100% Alpaca wool, this is the place to look. I kept coming back to a burnt orange snakeskin clutch by Reid.Damnit for $90 that was just too perfect.

Other cute items you won’t know you need until you step foot in the store? Homemade paper cards, hand-stitched bird houses, embroidered pillow cases and the sweetest hanging mobiles you ever did see.

And just in case your forgot what you came in for, The Shiny Squirrel takes the whole Valentine’s Day theme pretty seriously. When we stopped in Thursday for the store’s opening reception, we couldn’t help but coo over the strings of paper hearts hanging from the ceiling. A glass of blood red champagne courtesy of The Good Cheer Co. topped off the whole evening.

And so, the details. The store is located at 204 Elizabeth Street. Hours are 11 a.m.-7 p.m., open through Feb. 22! Cash and credit accepted. Happy shopping!

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