So did Madonna win the Super Bowl?

I didn’t actually watch the Super Bowl last night because I was too intrigued by what Anna Wintour had to say about her sunglasses on 60 Minutes, but I did manage to flip over to the Madonna half-time show just as they were setting up the stage. You have to hand it to her–girl can dance, even when teetering under the weight of a custom made Philip Treacy gold-plated headdress. As for the rest of that spectacular half Roman, half Egyptian ensemble? We have the brilliant house of Givenchy to thank, as well as Bulgari for adding some well-placed baubles. Oh, to be a material girl. Somewhere, Rooney Mara is brooding.


From what I hear the Giants beat the Patriots, but it seems to me like Riccardo Tisci was the one who really came out on top.

Who else watched the show?

[images via Facebook]

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4 Responses to So did Madonna win the Super Bowl?

  1. t33ndr3am says:

    I’m in England and I don’t even know what the Superbowl is but Madonna, in her Givenchy get up, was all over the news this morning. I really don’t like Madonna — it’s awful but I think she’s past her sell-by date, and she has really weird arms — but I have to hand it to her for having the courage to rock that outfit. It was pretty impressive.

  2. I enjoyed Madonna’s PRAY-formance! She did a fabulous job. Loved the costume changes. Loved her arms! Cheers! Theadora

  3. I watched Anna Wintour as well! Um, I think the show was glam although the high priestess robe during “Like a Prayer” a bit creepy. My current problem with Madonna is that she wants to be Lady Grantham and a pop icon. Doesn’t work both ways. Somehow, her heart doesn’t seem to be in the pop diva thing anymore.

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