The tutu diaries: the one that almost got away

It’s a story you’ve probably heard before. I was wandering through Chelsea on a Saturday, looking at pretty clothes through pretty windows with no intentions of buying anything when all of a sudden this sparkly little tulle number by Tracy Reese stopped me dead in my tracks. I. Had. To have it. I sort of blacked out, I think, because the only thing I vaguely remember is begging the sales lady to put it on hold for me while I ran to the closest ATM to assess the status of my checking account. It looked bleak. I pouted the entire way home.

The next morning (read: 3 p.m.) I was having brunch with a friend and even though my spinach and feta omelet was amazing, the only thing I could focus on was the one that got away (read: Tracy Reese tulle skirt). So, fueled by a mimosa or two, I ran back to the store right before it closed, handed over the credit card and thought FINALLY. My wardrobe is complete. I own a tutu.

It didn’t taken long for the high to wear off. Had I fully thought through just how much of a responsibility owning a tutu actually is? Did I even have anything epic enough to pair with my ballet skirt? Could I somehow make tulle suitable for work? Was it too obvious to pair it with ballet flats? And ohmygod…what if people thought I was trying to rip off Carrie Bradshaw? Panic set in. I had made a huge awful terrible mistake. I was a sartorial rookie. I stuffed tutu in the back of my closet, miserable.

Then date night rolled around and as usual, I had nothing to wear. I dug out tutu and tried it on with just about everything I own before coming up with this ensemble. It was love all over again. I’m obsessed with how the sharp shoulders of my businessy blazer clash with the ballerina whimsy of my skirt. Studded boots tie up loose ends in an unexpected way.

Next up: I’m planning to pair it with a bit of velvet (I can’t resist). But first, thoughts? How would you wear a tulle skirt?

Skirt: Tracy Reese, Blazer: Zara, T-shirt: KARL (c/o), Clutch: Jimmy Choo (gift!), Tights: H&M, Shoes: Aldo


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One Response to The tutu diaries: the one that almost got away

  1. VHoney says:

    Hello, just found you via JRC blog. I love your skirt and think you’ve paired it really well. Carrie Bradshaw (!!) would certainly be proud.

    PS What happened to updating this blog? It’s funny and real and full of sparkle – what’s not to like!?

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