Study: Apple users have the best clothes

Ever sit there using your MacBook Pro and think to yourself, “I have an Apple computer and therefore I’m stylish and lovely and fantastic?” Well, that’s because you are. According to super sophisticated research conducted by people with too much time on their hands over at Bundle, Mac users are apparently way more fashion-forward than their PC-loving counterparts. They’re also much more likely to blow lots of money at fancy department stores like Barneys and Saks Fifth Avenue while those other guys keep tighter control over their purse strings while shopping at mainstay retailers like Old Navy and Columbia Sportswear.

See? There’s this nifty little info graphic that breaks down where people with computers shop for things other than computers:

Here’s how it worked. Bundle used “billions of anonymous, aggregated credit card transactions” from more than 700,000 Mac and PC users to try to find trends in spending habits. They came up with this dramatic conclusion:

 “The stereotypes may be true: Our data indicates that Mac users are indeed fashionistas.”

You heard it here, folks.

Anyway, DUH. Aren’t Apple products like, ten million times more expensive than everything else? Maybe the people who buy them just have more money to throw around. Or maybe they’re just predetermined to be hip and cool style stars.

Oh also, I have a Mac. Just saying.

Super sweet instagram of the Fifth Avenue Apple store taken by Cameron Banga, the brand’s ultimate fanboy and therefore world’s trendiest person. He’s also my boyfriend.

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2 Responses to Study: Apple users have the best clothes

  1. Random guy says:

    Wow, what a great photo. Seems like an amazing guy!

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