According to PFW street style photos trickling in, beautiful people (plural) in Paris are actually wearing those Darth Vader visors Nicolas Ghesquiere sent down the Balenciaga spring runway. Beautiful people in America are not. Fashionista offers this breaking report about the hat’s stateside status:

We called up Balenciaga to find out the price and where we might be able to purchase it. The answer: they only got one for the entire United States and it sold. For $3,250. And it’s not really the kind of thing you can call an investment piece.

Only one. For the whole country. Which of course begs the question: WHO IN THE UNITED STATES OWNS THIS HAT? I need to know. Where are they from? What does the rest of their wardrobe look like? Do they wear sunscreen? Do they have pets? Hobbies? Dreams and aspirations?

Feel free to email any tips or leads. Obviously this is a huge deal. Your country needs you.

[image via fashionologie]

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