I swear I’m still alive and here’s proof

It’s ok if you don’t remember me. I’m that girl who used to blog every single day about pretty things that struck her fancy and now sometimes, occasionally, maybe if I’m thinking about it, I’ll throw up a worthless post about fallen mannequins and the like. Allow me two seconds while I complain about how busy I’ve been and then I’ll apologize for being so neglectful and then I’ll beg you to bear with me while I sort out  this grown up life that suddenly has been thrusted upon me and finally I’ll promise to never let a week go by without a solid post again. Deal?

Oh hey–there I am! Wearing an obnoxiously shiny pink skirt for no reason in the middle of the day! Walter Baker makes you think you can pull off anything, you know? But there’s also something deliciously satisfying about getting all dolled up to do mundane and uninteresting things like, say, go to the grocery store, isn’t there? In June I bought a pair of vintage velvet Yves St. Laurent stilettos, and so far I’ve only ever worn them to vacuum around my apartment. Mostly because I can’t actually walk in them–they’re way too high and my ankles are way too wobbly and I’m pretty much THE definition of a hot mess when I try to strut down the sidewalk. But also because it’s fun to add a little beauty for beauty’s sake–something that serves absolutely no purpose other than to make me happy while doing household chores.

So here’s where I take a stab at explaining how life has become an enormous black hole threatening to suck me into oblivion or, at the very least, jumble around my priorities a tad. At least it’s been fun. You know what they say. Every black hole has a silver lining, etc. First my boyfriend came to visit and then my sister came to visit and then I had to catch up on all the Portlandia I missed and then I needed a haircut and then I had to read the Hunger Games and then I started a new job where I get on the train and go to work every morning. Currently, I’m spending St. Patrick’s Day polishing off a box of thin mints and watching Harry Potter–a typical Saturday night, really. Some things never change.

The real problem is that inspiration has been somewhat rationed these last few weeks. Meaning, I can’t find it anywhere. From a sartorial standpoint I’ve been in something of rut lately, keeping the same 10 boring pieces from my wardrobe in heavy rotation. To be honest, the whole idea of fashion has been sort of soul crushing to me–shiny pink skirts aside–and it’s been hard to participate in the whole getting dressed in the morning thing that humans do, let alone write about it. To keep myself from going totally crazy, I’ve been looking around me to find fun colors, lines and shapes that I can somehow pull into my closet. At least spring is here, albeit prematurely, and with spring comes newness and happiness and puppies and stuff so who knows. A quick breezy jaunt across the Brooklyn Bridge might be all I need to wipe away this funk.

Which is exactly what I did when my sister came to visit. We bought matching razor blade friendship necklaces at Marc by Marc Jacobs–sort of a cheeky nod to the Virgin Suicides and glorified nostalgia–and then posed for pictures along the bridge/risked our lives as zealous bicyclists whizzed by with reckless abandon.

I’ve also been trying to be more appreciative of details that familiarity has pushed by the wayside. I remember when I first moved to New York I thought these mosaic light posts in the East Village were the coolest things EVER. And then the other day I was waiting to cross the street when I heard a girl gush about how pretty they were to her friend and I realized I hadn’t given them a single thought in at least six months but, oh yeah, they are really pretty. That’s what I worry about. I want to always be fascinated. Otherwise, I think, I’m wasting my time.

Some other pretty snapshots from the last week or two: swirly blue sequins, a beautiful day in Washington Square Park and purple suede shoes that are just as painful as they are cute. Billy hung my picture in his bakery.

When all is said and done, dearies, it’s you folk who inspire me the most. I’m working on a little bloggy redesign for you, and hope to be back up and running this week with more interesting content. Stay tuned! You all are the best.

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