Let the (Hunger) Games Begin

Matthew Williamson dress

Whatever I like the Hunger Games. I’ve spent more time than what’s probably normal wondering how I would impress the Gamemakers inside the arena and have come to the conclusion that not only do I have zero survival skills, I would probably be the first one to go because even in the flatest of footwear I have a tendency to go tumbling down subway steps, etc.

ANYWAY. I wouldn’t even mind because I’d be Kathryn, Girl on Fire. Which means I’d probably be wearing this embellished little number by Matthew Williamson. Heck, I’d even volunteer myself as tribute if it meant letting Cinna have his way with me. The black studded shoulder strap on this dress has an edgy warrior princess feel to it, and even though the colors sort of take me back to my maroon and gold days as a Chesterton High School Trojan (lolz), they’re still sort of perfect.

I know I’m not the only one obsessed. Who’s going to see the movie this weekend?

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Journalist, velvet enthusiast.
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2 Responses to Let the (Hunger) Games Begin

  1. Is it bad, that for the past two weeks, I have thought only, about The Hunger Games? Well, I did stop to watch dance Moms… I have a friend who hasn’t read the books and was like, Whatever, I can still enjoy the movies… and secretly, I have disowned her for this. PS. I love Peeta AND now have a tiny crush on the tiny Josh Hutcherson… swoon

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