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The 10 Most Un-Grownup Things I’ve Done This Week

Occasionally, I have been known to do some pretty grownup things. I show up to my full-time job five days a week, for instance. On the second day of every month, I make my student loan payments. I call my parents … Continue reading

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In defense of Carrie Bradshaw

Alright, Internet. We get it. You hate Carrie Bradshaw. I’ve been coming across a lot of posts lately that seem to resonate with this article someone sent to me last week, which was a version of this one before that, which wasn’t so … Continue reading

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In memoriam: Dollar Pizza Place Down the Street

It all started when Dollar Pizza Place Down the Street suddenly closed. It was a Tuesday night and I was ordering two slices of plain to go, digging out the quarters from the bottom of my wallet whilst nodding my … Continue reading

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Hot child in the city

It’s that time of year where I dramatically wipe my brow and say, “Have you ever even been this hot in your life??!” and then you say “Phew it’s a scorcher” and then we collectively try to remember if temperatures … Continue reading

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Words to live by: Elsa Schiaparelli

One of these days, I’ll go to the Met Gala. Until then, I’ll sit at home and eat leftover pizza and teddy grahams and refresh Twitter every five seconds waiting for Rachel Zoe to post another twitpic. Today I threw … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking a lot about princesses

So I’ve been thinking a lot about princesses lately. As in, how to become one. In theory, this shouldn’t be that difficult. I’m practically a Royal Wedding expert — I was on that beat HARD last year — and if … Continue reading

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Is this the cutest dog you’ve ever seen?

In the event that the last seven days of your life have been as messy and mind blowing as mine, I give you this. Somewhere, this fluffy brute not only actually exists, he’s been given the fitting title of “world’s … Continue reading

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