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In defense of Carrie Bradshaw

Alright, Internet. We get it. You hate Carrie Bradshaw. I’ve been coming across a lot of posts lately that seem to resonate with this article someone sent to me last week, which was a version of this one before that, which wasn’t so … Continue reading

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The tutu diaries: the one that almost got away

It’s a story you’ve probably heard before. I was wandering through Chelsea on a Saturday, looking at pretty clothes through pretty windows with no intentions of buying anything when all of a sudden this sparkly little tulle number by Tracy … Continue reading

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Carrie Bradshaw ruined my life and she probably ruined yours too

Remember all those rumors you heard about a Sex and the City prequel that you hoped to God weren’t true? They are. Teenaged Carrie is coming to the CW where she will roam both the streets of Manhattan and the halls of her high school … Continue reading

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