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Let the (Hunger) Games Begin

Matthew Williamson dress Whatever I like the Hunger Games. I’ve spent more time than what’s probably normal wondering how I would impress the Gamemakers inside the arena and have come to the conclusion that not only do I have zero … Continue reading

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America’s Next Top Model British Invasion…WTF

I should start off by telling you I’m actually a Top Model expert. And not in an “ugh I just spent the last 12 hours watching another ANTM marathon on Oxygen” kind of way. I mean I used to spend … Continue reading

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Week links: Save your skin with Marc Jacobs, David Beckham is super embarrassing

DAVID BECKHAM’S SO EMBARRASSING. His infamous Super Bowl commercial may have left the ladies drooling, but Harper and Co. weren’t so thrilled. “The kids loved it but they were also embarrassed as well because there was other people in the … Continue reading

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Carrie Bradshaw ruined my life and she probably ruined yours too

Remember all those rumors you heard about a Sex and the City prequel that you hoped to God weren’t true? They are. Teenaged Carrie is coming to the CW where she will roam both the streets of Manhattan and the halls of her high school … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga maybe had an accident

Today in tweets we hope aren’t true: Just saw first photos of the stage being built. Just peed all the way down to my Chanel shoes!! *sorry Karl* ahhh!!!!!! — Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) January 20, 2012   The lady is … Continue reading

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Week links: Karlie Kloss is a blogger now, happy birthday to everyone

TAVI KNOWS MORE THAN YOU. But then again, duh. The Style Rookie gives the BBC a sneak peek of her bedroom and talks about what it’s like being a 15-year-old fashion know-it-all. Watch it here. [BBC] KARLIE KLOSS HAS A … Continue reading

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Project Runway all stars say being on the show is really really hard

You probably got done watching tonight’s Project Runway All Stars with one huge question still lingering on your mind: How does a pig feel about wearing giraffe print? I have no idea. But I did get to enjoy a pre-screening of … Continue reading

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