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In defense of Carrie Bradshaw

Alright, Internet. We get it. You hate Carrie Bradshaw. I’ve been coming across a lot of posts lately that seem to resonate with this article someone sent to me last week, which was a version of this one before that, which wasn’t so … Continue reading

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Be back in a GIF-fy

Sooooo remember when Coco Rocha and Jessica Stam wore fake nails and really bad weaves and pranced around in front of Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia and called it a “haute mess” and everyone else called it racist? Well anyway, … Continue reading

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‘Twas the night before Fashion Week…

And so, here we are. Unless you’re Steven Alan and decided to jump the gun by showing your luxury basics a day early, for most of us New York Fashion Week starts TOMORROW. I decided to head over to Lincoln … Continue reading

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Messy breakups and a trip to Ladurée

Dear Cupcake, For a while, you were everything. Always there when I needed a pick-me-up. Never missed a birthday or holiday. Cute, in an overly frosted sort of way. But then you became clingy and too available, showing up at … Continue reading

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Not all days are gems but at least we have pearls

Sometimes, you have days where all you do is eat cupcakes and giggle and prance around in the sunshine. Sometimes, you have days where you find yourself limping home in 6 inch heels after needlessly walking 8 billion blocks because … Continue reading

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Carrie Bradshaw ruined my life and she probably ruined yours too

Remember all those rumors you heard about a Sex and the City prequel that you hoped to God weren’t true? They are. Teenaged Carrie is coming to the CW where she will roam both the streets of Manhattan and the halls of her high school … Continue reading

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Capsule “Donut Shop” tradeshow is hipsteriffic

Sometimes magazine editors and buyers and other important fashiony people go to things called tradeshows to get a sense of what to expect from certain designers and trendsetters. At the (capsule) tradeshow going on today and tomorrow, it seems those designers … Continue reading

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