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Is this the cutest dog you’ve ever seen?

In the event that the last seven days of your life have been as messy and mind blowing as mine, I give you this. Somewhere, this fluffy brute not only actually exists, he’s been given the fitting title of “world’s … Continue reading

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Breaking news: Moon boots are happening again

Apparently when those Prada aliens landed in Milan yesterday with their ombre eyebrows, they unleashed a forcefield of extraterrestrial activity that’s out of this world… Blumarine wants you to reconsider moon boots: …something about we come in peace and one … Continue reading

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Christian Louboutin celebrates 20 years with gratuitous crepe paper, Parsons alumni and Bergdorf Goodman

Remember when you were little and it was your birthday and you’d invite all your friends to Chuck E. Cheese and there were ballons and presents and stuff? Well Christian Louboutin sort of did the same thing except instead of … Continue reading

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Week links: Elizabeth Olsen has really gross feet, Mayor Bloomberg watches ‘Gossip Girl’

ELIZABETH OLSEN HATES HIGH HEELS. And with alarmingly good reason. The littlest Olsen (is she the littlest?) tells Asos magazine, “I’ve had a couple of times now where I feel like, by the end of the night, when I’m wearing … Continue reading

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Words to live by: Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik, on why keeping up with trends is stupid and ungodly: “The idea of up-to-the minute fashion is a sin. Why? Because it manipulates women by making them feel they have to constantly spend money on different things to remain … Continue reading

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High heels are the worst (The New York Times says so)

Your worst suspicions have been confirmed: Wearing super high heels for a super long time MESSES YOU UP. See those vintage velvet Yves St. Laurents (which I bought for $40 WHA?!!!) sitting casually on my dresser? Not only are they … Continue reading

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L.L. Bean invades Times Square

This is not a joke. I repeat, this is not a joke. But you have to admit it’s still pretty hilarious. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, L.L. Bean has decided to park an enormous 13 foot shoe–nay, Bootmobile–in the middle … Continue reading

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